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Where does your ASHP-PAC Donations Go?

By Youngji Lee posted 02-08-2018 01:37


Where Does Your ASHP-PAC Donation Go?

Your contribution to the ASHP-PAC matters!

Have you considered donating to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Political Action Committee but wondered how the money is used?

ASHP Political Action Committee, also known as ASHP-PAC, is a legitimate and regulated channel to provide contributions that support the campaign of pharmacy-friendly candidates for the United States Congress. It is the only political action committee focused on issues that affect hospitals and clinics. Federal lobbyists affiliated with ASHP attend healthcare specific political events, increasing our visibility and promoting our position. ASHP-PAC solicits money directly from its members, so your contribution has an invaluable impact on the election of congressmen and congresswomen who support the advancement of pharmacy.

ASHP-PAC supports candidates with a favorable position and/or voting record regarding issues that affect ASHP’s members, members of key health care committees, those with experience and influence in the health care policy-making process, and those with integrity and character. The PAC values a candidate’s experience as a leader and potential for mutual growth.

ASHP-PAC does not support a candidate that has not officially declared candidacy for political office, presidential campaigns, any government official’s personal defense fund, or contributions that can be perceived as an affiliation to a specific vote or party.

With your support, we can work towards the promise to uphold patient care and the advancement of pharmacy practice. To make a donation and be part of the change, visit the ASHP-PAC Contribution Page!

On behalf of the NPF Practice Advancement and Advocacy Advisory Group (PAAAG)