Listed below are the answers to frequently asked questions about ASHP Connect. If you have a question that does not appear in this list, please contact us and let us know.


Do I need to agree to the "Terms of Use" agreement to use ASHP Connect?
Yes, you must agree to the Terms of Use to use ASHP Connect and must abide by the guidelines. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate membership in this community for anyone who violate these rules.

What are engagement points?
By participating in various activities like creating a blog post or filling out your profile, you will receive engagement points. The engagement points are used to reward members with digital ribbons on their profile and determine who is displayed in the Top Participants box on the homepage. To learn more about engagement points, please view the Engagement Point Calculations document and the Digital Ribbons page.


How do I update my contact information?
You update your contact information by selecting the "Edit Contact Information" link directly under the contact information on your profile. By clicking this link, you will be taken away from ASHP Connect to your actual account on Once you edit the contact information on your ASHP account page, it will take 24 hours to migrate to ASHP Connect.

How do I change the address from my home to my work address?
Coming soon...

Why didn't my contact information update on my profile after I changed it?
When you change your contact information on your account page, it will take 24 hours to migrate over to the ASHP Connect platform. All other information on your profile is real-time and will show up instantly. If you have changed your contact information and it is still not displaying accurately on your profile after 24 hours, please contact our Customer Service Center toll free at (866) 279-0681 (US and Canada only), 8:00am to 6:00pm EDT, Mon-Fri.

How are ribbons assigned to my profile?
The digital ribbons that are displayed on your profile are automatically assigned to each member based on the groups, committees, and communities you belong to; the positions you hold; the awards you have received; and your level of participation on ASHP Connect. You cannot self-assign digital ribbons. If you think you deserve a ribbon but it is not displaying on your profile, please contact us.

Why is my profile completion bar not at 100%?
You must complete all the fields of your profile, including adding contacts, for your profile completion bar to be completely full. For a complete list of factors used in calculating the profile completion, view our Profile Completeness Bar Formula.

How do I change the privacy settings of my profile?
You can restrict access to your profile information by editing the privacy settings on the My Preferences page.

What are Networks?
The networks that appear on your profile are automatically created for you based on the personal information you add to your profile. It is a great way to find and connect with others with like interests. A network link will only appear in this listing when more than one person has placed the topic on their profile.


Can anyone post a blog?
Yes, everyone that joins ASHP Connect can post a blog of their choice. You also have the option of assigning the blog post to a specific community.

How do I rate a blog post?
To rate a blog post, select the title of the blog post that you would like to rate and navigate to the full text of the post. In the right-hand column and under the profile picture of the person that created the blog, click on the appropriate star to rate the blog – 5 stars being the highest rating and 1 star being the lowest rating.

Can I share my blog post with people outside of ASHP Connect?
Yes, every blog post has a "Permalink" listed at the bottom of the post. You can copy this Permalink URL and send it to anyone you like.

How do I save a draft of my blog post?
If you would like to save a draft of your blog and post it later, all you need to do is select the "Save for Later" button at the bottom of the Create a Blog Post screen. To edit your post later, select Blogs > My Blogs > Unpublished.

How do I become a Featured Blogger?
Featured bloggers are selected by the ASHP Social Media Committee every six months based on the level of participation in the community and the quality of blog posts. Selected members will be added to the Featured Bloggers page and their blog posts will be highlighted on the homepage.

Discussion Groups

How do I start a discussion topic?
There are a number of ways to start a discussion topic. The easiest way is to select the "Discussion" tab in the top navigation bar and then select "Start a Discussion". You can also start a discussion topic directly within any community by selecting the "Post" link at the bottom of the Latest Discussion list.

How do I add a signature to my messages?
You can add or update your message signature on the My Signature page.


Who can create a community?
ASHP Connect communities are created and maintained by ASHP. If there is community you would like created, we ask that you contact us.

Can I give someone else admin rights to my community?
Yes, you can add as many admin to your community as you like, and we highly recommend that you do. You can only assign admin rights to someone that is a member of your community. To learn how to assign admin rights, watch our video tutorial on Joining/Creating a Community.


Is there a calendar view of the events?
Yes, on the Events page there is a link at the top called "View as a Calendar". By clicking this link, you switch the event listing to a standard calendar view. You must double-click the event title to view the complete calendar entry.

Can anyone add an event to the calendar?
Yes, all ASHP Connect members can add an event to the calendar.

Resource Library

What types of files are allowed in the resource library?
We allow most of the common document, image, audio and video file types. For a complete list of authorized file types, please view the Resource Library Authorized File Types document.

What is the maximum file size?
The current file size limit is 30 megabytes per file. However, we will soon be increasing the file size to at least 100 megabytes per file.


Can I use a partial name to find someone in the directory?
Yes, you can use either the first name or last name to narrow your directory search results. You can also use the first several letters of the name, if you are unsure of the spelling. For example, a Last Name search for "Jo" will find everyone whose name starts with "Jo".