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Nutrition during the session The session is a time for students when study truly begins. In such a rhythm there is no time for proper nutrition: just enough time to grab a bun, drink a coke and go. And after all the food during the session is the "fuel" for the activity of the brain. So at least twice a month, but need to indulge himself with healthy foods. Moreover, it is for the good of good marks. 1. For the mind needs a mineral such as iron and B vitamins. The former is found in red meat, grains, apples . The latter come to your body with dairy products, eggs, fish . By the way, cottage cheese or yogurt can be a healthy snack. This is not a way to avoid eating nutritious food, say experts from online essay writer but to take vitamin complexes, because the latter are only dietary supplements. Of course, you should not refuse them, but the food will bring you much more energy. 2. Try to eat at regular intervals. This will not only allow you to maintain your energy level at the required level, but will also save you from snacking, which is only detrimental to your digestive system. By the way, essay writer help know, when you are preparing for exams outside the house, take with you a banana, an apple or a dried apricot . 3. Eat little but often . Eating three big meals a day is a relic of the past. 4. Breakfast is a must. Only it is not coffee and a sandwich. In general, you should not abuse coffee during the session. All it will lead to is unnecessary nervousness and disruption of sleep. From time to time some students choose to do quick homework instead of breakfast, this is not good for the body, do my essay quickly and efficiently handle your assignment, and you will have a delicious and healthy breakfast. A great energy breakfast would be muesli with milk or yogurt. 5. Fruit before exams should be your best friends . Oranges, mandarins contribute to better perception of new information. Pineapple will help to remember as much as possible. 6. Try to drink more fluids. You will find it easier to concentrate, but don't drink everything. Prefer green tea, mineral water, or fruit juices. 7. Chocolate does give you energy, but compared to fruit, its effect is short-lived. Then it worsens and a new dose is required. Eat a grapefruit quietly, for example, while free essay writer handles your essay. It is not for nothing that scientists have recently compared the result of chocolate with nicotine addiction. 8. If you feel too tired and irritable, eat half an onion every day. They thin your blood, which allows your brain to get more oxygen. Just don't eat it before a faculty meeting, I think you can see why. 9. Make yourself a list of easy-to-cook, but healthy dishes. There are a lot of such recipes. For example, before exams, prepare yourself a salad: grated carrots, raisins, walnuts, dressed with sour cream or vegetable oil. You will think faster for sure. More information: Types of Narrative Essays Qualities of a good research paper advertising your eBook

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