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What Can We Do Without Provider Status? PAIAG Update

Provider Status is a hot topic these days! The New Practitioner Forum's Practice Advancement Initiative Advisory Group (NPF-PAIAG) is helping promote PPMI objective, E4l: Establishment of pharmacist provider status under Medicare. While the advocating continues, here are some ways our institution is promoting pharmacist's worth even without provider status: - Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) 1,2 - Introduced as a part of the Affordability Care Act in 2011 - Focuses heavily on preventative services - May be conducted by any healthcare provider working under the direct supervision of a physician, including pharmacists

Blog Entry
Provider Status – Are we on the Team or Just on the Sidelines?

He used powerful analogies throughout his lecture to tell a meaningful story and one that stuck with me was comparing provider status to being on the team or being the water boy

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