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The ASHP Foundation Research Boot Camp Experience

I have to admit the words research and boot camp aren’t ones that have me jumping out of my seat, and deciding to apply for a program that combined those words left me a little nervous. As a new assistant professor of pharmacy practice at Roseman University of Health Sciences in Henderson,...

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The Value of Research.

I remember entering pharmacy school, where, at the University of Michigan, we were required to do a PharmD project. This project, required by some pharmacy schools, was that the student had to complete their own project, from start to finish- writing the protocol, conducting the research, and...

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First Blog Post

So this is gonna be my first blog post on ASHP's Blog site and it's about seeding trials....lets all hope for the best. The Archives of Internal Medicine recently published an article discussing the Study of Neurontin: Titrate to Effect, Profile of Safety (STEPS) Trial and the...

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