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Credentialing and Privileging 101: A Primer for New Practitioners

As our healthcare system becomes increasingly focused on quality and safety, establishing a process to ensure the competence and capabilities of health care professionals, including pharmacists, is becoming increasingly important. This process is known as credentialing and privileging. ...

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ASHP Re-certification Ambassador - New Practitioner: Literature Study 2015, Hepatology Module

Good Evening! For the first time in awhile, I am sitting here in my Chicago apartment with the windows closed and space heater on as it seems Fall has finally arrived. The colder weather also presents an opportunity to take advantage of some ASHP re-certification materials for BCPS. This...

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ASHP Re-certification Ambassador - New Practitioner: Dyslipidemia Module

Good Evening Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather and getting their summer plans in place as we head into June. Like all of you, I have been extremely busy planning vacations and finishing projects for residency. I also had the opportunity to attend the MAD-ID...

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My experience on my 4th year longitudinal ambulatory care rotation

I’m 7 weeks into my APPE longitudinal ambulatory care rotation at an HIV clinic. It is one afternoon a week. Before clinic every week, I spend a lot of time reading through my patients’ charts to understand their medical history. Luckily, the HIV and Opportunistic Infection guidelines are...