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Take Five Minutes to Speak Up for Your Patients

Remember when you recited the following oath? "I vow to devote my professional life to the service of all humankind through the profession of pharmacy … I will embrace and advocate changes that improve patient care … I take these vows with the full realization of the responsibility with...

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May you live in interesting times...

I have been reading with interest both the postings in Connect and in the Connect Blogsphere about the proposed legislation on compounding. As I think about the positions we are urged to take, I find the following points worth considerting: Compounding appears to be necessary -...

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Reflecting on the Recent Compounding Tragedy

I, like most of you, continue to follow the news out of Framingham, Massachusetts, as more is learned about the operations at the New England Compounding Center. What investigators are finding —unsatisfactory conditions, shipping of product before the results of sterility testing were...

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