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A Day in the Life of an Informatics Pharmacist

Hi everyone! As a practicing informatics pharmacist, I frequently get questions from students about the 'day in the life' of an informatics pharmacist. In an effort to be proactive, I've started a YouTube channel that highlights some of the aspects of the field. In my most recent video, I host...

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Revisiting the PGY2 Pharmacy Informatics Educational Outcomes, Goals, and Objectives

As you may be aware, the PGY2 Educational Outcomes, Goals, and Objectives for Pharmacy Informatics are due for a comprehensive update since their inception in 2006. As an initial step in the review process, the Section Advisory Group on Professional Development has been tasked with...

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becoming comfortable with our humanity

I just finished reading a very interesting article about the correlation of performance on some specific human cognition laboratory tests with the tendency to confuse look-allike-sound-alike (LASA) drug names. What got me excited was that the research actually investigated specific cognitive...

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I have been thinking a lot about tools recently, in part because my "honey-do" list seems to be growing, but mostly because of my conviction that our informatics is, in fact a tool set, whose right to exist is limited to its ability to help us better render pharmaceutical care to our patients. ...

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Beyond Residency: The Tables Have Turned

Do you remember seeing the Pixar short animation called “Geri’s Game”? An elderly man is playing an intent game of chess, and then you see him pick himself up and go over to the other side of the table to play as his opponent. There were many days during my residency year when I wondered, what...