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Credentialing and Privileging 101: A Primer for New Practitioners

As our healthcare system becomes increasingly focused on quality and safety, establishing a process to ensure the competence and capabilities of health care professionals, including pharmacists, is becoming increasingly important. This process is known as credentialing and privileging. ...

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The Ebola Outbreak: ASHP's Actions

I would first like to say that our hearts go out to the patients, families, and healthcare workers who have been stricken by the Ebola virus. These cases of Ebola infection have, of course, raised questions and concerns regarding America’s preparedness—and that of the rest of the world—to...

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Excellence- the New Mediocre?

If you’ve had work on your car or been waited on in anyway over the last year or two, you have probably been asked to complete a satisfaction survey. Chances are you heard something like this: “If you were happy with your service today, please be sure to rate it as excellent.” I have had at...

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Drug Quality and Security Act

It is done... HR 3204 is finally signed into law. It is worthy of a look, if you haven't read it. Basically the bill amends the federal law regarding the compounding of drugs, and around traceability of drug products in the supply chain. Focusing on the first part, the bill...

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Fridays with Ambulatory Care: No Outcome, No Income!

I was at a meeting several years ago that was rather small and interdisciplinary. The group was discussing the challenges of our health care system, i.e. coordination and transitions of care, frequent health care related adverse events, etc. At the end of the meeting one of the organizers, a...

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Reflecting on the Recent Compounding Tragedy

I, like most of you, continue to follow the news out of Framingham, Massachusetts, as more is learned about the operations at the New England Compounding Center. What investigators are finding —unsatisfactory conditions, shipping of product before the results of sterility testing were...

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Brain Games

I took some time off over the holidays, which meant, among other things, irregular hours and lots of night time television. A show that has captured my attention is one on National Geographic Channel called Brain Games. By now most of you know that I have become fascinated by the notion of the...