Pediatric Pharmacy Specialty Review and Recertification Course

The Live Pediatric Review Course that was scheduled for June 3-4, 2017 has been postponed. Based on feedback from our pediatric pharmacy audience, the course will be offered solely as an online program in 2017. Purchasers of the online course will have immediate access to the current 2016 Pediatric Pharmacy Online Review Course. The 2017 online course will launch in July, and will be automatically added to your library when available.

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ASHP offers pharmacists a way to better prepare for the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) Pediatric Pharmacy Specialty Certification Examination.

This two-day course provides a robust preparatory curriculum for the high-level pharmacy professional who is planning to take the examination, seeking recertification, or desiring a refresh in therapeutics. Based on the domains, tasks, and knowledge statements developed by BPS for the examination, the course will help you prepare for the exam by identifying areas needed for in-depth review of pediatric pharmacy issues by:

  • Reviewing pertinent clinical topics and practice skills
  • Providing exam practice questions
  • Listing valuable resources for further self-study

Why choose ASHP for your preparation needs?
Developed by the leading continuing pharmacy education provider in the country, and the leading preparatory content experts and faculty, this course is different than your average review course. Our approach is multifaceted, scenario-based and interactive—opposite from the didactic learning norm. Attendees are engaged while learning which provides a meaningful and lasting impact on their practice.

The question is simple: How do you learn best? 
Our course is best suited for practitioners who are looking for a practical, hands-on and real-life approach to learning.

Our review course participants follow "patients" in real-life scenarios from initial presentation, medical history, risk factors, and complications throughout their treatments and outcomes.  Participants learn as they apply various treatment options based on national standards and guidelines. Strong emphasis is placed on the thought processes needed to solve patient care problems in each therapeutic area. As patient cases are discussed, faculty members are there to present the best answer to questions that illustrate key concepts.

Prepare for the BPS Pediatric Pharmacy Specialty Certification Examination with this cutting-edge educational program. Highlights of the ASHP review course include:

  • An interesting, application-based approach using complex, case-based interactive learning for high level practitioners and specialists.
  • Practice management, public health, and advocacy topics, which account for 24% of the BCPPS exam.
  • Educational materials that can be downloaded and printed in advance as well as a practice test containing 100+ practice questions with explained answers and links to original references.
  • Exam preparation in only two days, saving you time away from work and home, and drastically reducing travel expenses.

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