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Pharmacy is a small world, after all: Student Pharmacist experiences at the OSHP Annual Meeting

Pharmacy is a small world, after all : Student Pharmacist experiences at the OSHP A nnual M eeting Contributed by Angela Goodhart and Katri na Ma nn (current P4 students at Northeast Ohio Medical University) As ...

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2016 Summer Meeting Experience

Good morning! I hope everyone’s having a good summer so far! Last week, I was able to attend 2016 ASHP Summer Meeting and I would like to take some time to share my experience with you. ASHP Summer Meeting provided a great opportunity for everyone, ranging from straight out of 1...

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Preparing for PPS

As a recent applicant for post-residency jobs, Personnel Placement Services (PPS) can be a stressful, but beneficial experience. In this blog, I will briefly review PPS and also provide tips for PPS candidates. What is PPS and should I participate? PPS is basically a large job...

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Getting ready for the Greatest Adventure...

The ASHP Midyear Clinical meeting has something for everyone! Whether you’re a current resident going for that first career or PGY-2, trying to embark on expanding your clinical services at your practice site, or preparing for board certification, you’re definitely at the right place. But with...

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The Sky is the Limit: Adopt a Little “PMA”

I must be candid with you, fellow colleague, in that I have never really been the quotation type of person. I suppose I must chalk this outlook up to an innate stubbornness for not wishing to piggyback on the reasoning and wisdom of others. Commander Spock would surely not approve of my “logic.”...

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Are You an Engaging Speaker?

Most of us appreciate a presentation that includes audience participation questions. Your questions provide a break in the routine, help the audience to maintain focus, and when properly written and presented, can help our members to go beyond fact recall and learn to apply the presented...

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