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Getting over the “Midyear Hump”

It often seems that pharmacy takes a backburner as we gear up for the holiday season; decisions on plans for next year, making headway on research projects and general preparation for the year ahead. It seems as though the Midyear Clinical Meeting comes at a time when we only begin to establish...

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Both sides now: Top 10 insider tips for residency applicants

It is that time of year again. Time for jingle bells, ugly holiday sweaters, cheesy lifetime holiday movie marathons, egg nog, mistletoe, and, oh yes, the beginning of residency season. As someone who went through this process a few years back, and who has seen this process from both sides...

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Preparing for PPS

As a recent applicant for post-residency jobs, Personnel Placement Services (PPS) can be a stressful, but beneficial experience. In this blog, I will briefly review PPS and also provide tips for PPS candidates. What is PPS and should I participate? PPS is basically a large job...

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Getting ready for the Greatest Adventure...

The ASHP Midyear Clinical meeting has something for everyone! Whether you’re a current resident going for that first career or PGY-2, trying to embark on expanding your clinical services at your practice site, or preparing for board certification, you’re definitely at the right place. But with...

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The Sky is the Limit: Adopt a Little “PMA”

I must be candid with you, fellow colleague, in that I have never really been the quotation type of person. I suppose I must chalk this outlook up to an innate stubbornness for not wishing to piggyback on the reasoning and wisdom of others. Commander Spock would surely not approve of my “logic.”...

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The Ebola Outbreak: ASHP's Actions

I would first like to say that our hearts go out to the patients, families, and healthcare workers who have been stricken by the Ebola virus. These cases of Ebola infection have, of course, raised questions and concerns regarding America’s preparedness—and that of the rest of the world—to...

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What I want to say to students who did not match

IT'S NOT OVER. For many pharmacy students, Match Day has come and gone. There was a time of CV crafting, going to residency showcases, attending Midyear, poster presentations, PhORCAS, sending applications, the trepidation of interviews, and their final ranking of preferred sites. ...

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