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Four Things You Should Be Doing To Secure Your Next Promotion

At a recent happy hour, a young colleague described a situation where several staff in her area did their jobs well but were not being promoted. This led to a very interesting discussion among several of us more “senior” folks at the table and a few of our younger colleagues. I...

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Tactical Tools for Your Pharmacist Job Search

My dad used to tell me, “You always need to know more than one way to get to your destination.” Quite true if there’s a road closure or excess traffic blocking or delaying your arrival. This is especially true for today’s pharmacist. Landing your ideal pharmacist job might be delayed due to the...

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Thoughts on Track and Trace

I had a chance recently to think about proposed regulation around track-and-trace capabilities within the pharmaceutical supply chain and had presented some thoughts to ASHP that I thought might be worthwhile sharing with this group. Let me first assert firmly that I am by no means a...

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Enhancing Your Personal Brand: Education and Experience in Pharmacy Informatics

Career opportunities in pharmacy continue to evolve and have increased significantly over the past years. These advances serve to widen the scope of career options and make it easier to achieve personal and professional success in this space. One intriguing and exciting new entry to the growing...

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