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Bounce Back Career Plateau

The Mind Tools’ Club Beware The Mid-Career Slump Bouncing Back From a Career Plateau has the following advice for us. Realize that job satisfaction is U-shaped over time as you start and end your career on a high while slumping or plateauing in the middle. Stop and think about how you felt at the beginning of your career as chances are your were excited about the possibilities that lay ahead and keen to develop your skills and expertise

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Women Leaders

As they graduate both men and women don’t differ much in terms of what they value and hope for in their lives and career Among those working full time, men were more likely than women to have direct reports (81% to 71%), profit-and-loss responsibility (58% to 45%) and positions in senior management (57% to 41%) In terms of satisfaction men are more satisfied than women in; meaningful work (59% to 49%), professional accomplishments (52% to 44%), opportunities for career growth and development (50% to 41%) and compatibility of work and personal life (58% to 50%)

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Engaging Millennials

Understanding Millennials (ages 26-31) They don’t make work their main priority and expect organizations to give them time for a person life They emphasize finding satisfaction in their work and are willing to be vocal about what they want from their career and organization Are knowledgeable about what is going on all over the world Are adept at leveraging technological advances to be more flexible such as working from home Demand to know the organization’s purpose and are prepared to leave if it doesn’t align with their own values-quick to react negatively to any perceived disconnect between the organization’s words and actions Want everything now such as a fast growing career If the work doesn’t interest them they will leave in a couple of years-liking your work is more important than the organization Want job flexibility in the here and now, along with opportunities for training and development Want frequent feedback and rewards Meeting millennials expectations Greater input -eager to be ask for input, seek greater transparency, want an explicit career progression Career paths -expect freedom to move from one path to another- after being on board a certain number of years the opportunities to try new things increases- PWC program Full Circle is for people who need to stop working for awhile for personal reasons-stay connected and reengage when they are able- as is PWC program Flexibiity 2 talent network allows people to work full time during busiest times then pursue other interests the rest of the year Appreciation -looking for something in addition to money rewards that will benefit them in life or career enhancing ways- PWC progra m after a certain number of years send for life skills and leadership training after a few more years eligible for a four week sabbatical Corporate values and responsibilities -create an environment that allows people to give back and excel both at the office an outside Helping managers adapt -changing attitudes toward them-millennials are often stereotyped as self-absorbed, quick to shift their loyalties, lazy and uncommitted to work-however there’re simply not prepared to sacrifice their health and well being for work-model flexible behavior and have contests for ideas Millennials well understand the value of the team and are just as committed to their departments and to the organization as other generations

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Learning From Other Pharmacist Leaders

These are between 15-30 minutes in length Dual-Career Couples: The Work-Life Balance Susan Cantrell, Lucinda Maine and Sharon Murphy Enright offer advice on making it work when both husband and wife have active careers and children

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Mentor Program

Clearly distinguishing between a mentor (long term career) and a preceptor (short term and specific topic) is needed. The need to customize/individualize the relationship so allow people flexibility Not everyone is motivated to become a mentee nor mentor so don't try and force it Guidelines (included in the article) versus a strict structure were used This specific program’s outcomes are impressive Participants were surveyed (questions asked included) 73% agreed that a mentor was beneficial and citing it as integral to their career planning 45% exceeded the meeting monthly guideline meeting multiple times monthly because of the value 100% of the resident participants had a position offer or matched another residency while the previous two years it was 85% and 88% Please share your experiences with mentoring programs so others can benefit

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Boost Results Reduce Time Spent

Divide your list into three time categories: Career Aims (5+ years), Objectives (3-24 months) or Targets (1 week or less)...Maximize your career options over a lifetime by asking yourself what can I do next that will maximize my options in the future?

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Successful Pharmacists

View Bruce Scott’s Conversation with Health-System Pharmacy’s Most Influential Leaders (Leadership Videos) on the ASHP Foundation’s website. ( ) Looking for advice on how to manage a dual career couple with children-Susan Cantrell Ever wondered what it was like being a women graduating from pharmacy school in the 60’s and trying to find a job-Pam Ploetz’s Why is APhA the only nongovernmental building on the Washington DC Mall-John Gans, Interested in being a Dean-Max Ray, How was ASHP started-Joseph Oddis, Being both president of ASHP and APhA-Harold Godwin, What is AACP-Lucinda Maine, Starting your own business and selling it-Sharon Enright, International pharmacy-Henri Manasse, ASHP divorcing APhA-R

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