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Enhancing Your Personal Brand: Education and Experience in Pharmacy Informatics

Career opportunities in pharmacy continue to evolve and have increased significantly over the past years. These advances serve to widen the scope of career options and make it easier to achieve personal and professional success in this space. One intriguing and exciting new entry to the growing...

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Practice Based Learning

You have probably worked with or served as a preceptor for pharmacy students and recent grads who completed courses in pharmacy school that followed a Practice Based Learning (PBL) teaching strategy. If you are a PGY-1 or PGY-2 resident preceptor who has completed Residency Learning System (RLS)...

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Experiential Expectations

I just finished my first real clinical APPE rotation. For six weeks, I was part of an inpatient hospital unit as well as a member of a medicine team, and then I had two exactly two days during which I could reflect on my experiences before being thrown in to the next adventure. The easiest way...

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Live so that others will strive to be what you are

“Patience is the power that awaits results calmly, cheerfully, hopefully. Patience is an exhibition of faith in the order of things. The wise are patient in all things. Patience waits, overlooks, excuses, forgives, composes, endures; is not hasty, nor provocative, not revengeful, nor uneasy,...

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